Club rules and information

Note 1
Reserved Membership is no longer available from May 2000 but existing Reserved Members may continue in this class until they take up full membership or resign.

Note 2
A Family concession is granted to a family group living at the same address which consists of one or two Senior Members plus any nominated dependant children under the age of 13. Dependant children enjoy the same privileges as members and can transfer to Junior Membership upon reaching the age of 13. No entrance fee is payable at that time.

Tramping Party Rules

  • The Party Leader is responsible for the trip. Your co-operation, good temper and good manners are essential.
  • For the safety of all members keep together at all times.
  • The party leader shall decide if trampers are adequately equipped for the trip and may refuse to take people who are not. If in doubt ask!
  • Trip leaders will obtain permission, in advance, for access to properties both private and state.
  • No dogs or firearms can be taken on trips unless prior permission is given.
  • All members must notify the Party Leader in advance if intending to go on his or her trip.
  • The leader organises the transport and will notify you of any variations from the advertised trips or times.
  • Travelling expenses to be shared with the driver.
  • The club is not responsible for accidents, however caused, although all due care and attention will be taken.

Waldvogel Lodge Rules

  • No one can stay at the lodge without making a formal confirmed paid booking. (Only exception is a work party and the work party leader will make a group booking with the Booking Officer)
  • All bookings to be paid for as soon as they are confirmed. Bookings for the lodge must be made via the website
  • Bookings for non-members can only be confirmed 7 days out from the start date of the booking. Please do not pay for non-members until the booking is confirmed.
  • It is recommended that you book early, especially for school holidays, to avoid disappointment.
  • The booking officer shall appoint a senior member as the Hut leader for busy weekends.
  • The Hut leader is responsible for opening and closing the lodge and overseeing the start up and shut down procedures. It is necessary to drain down the water system during the winter months to avoid frost damage.
  • Members must assist the Hut leader by carrying out the tasks, which may be assigned to them for the safety and good order of the lodge.
  • Members should familiarise themselves with the emergency evacuation procedures as noted on the notice board down at the lodge. No member shall be allowed to stay on their own until competent in these procedures. It is the duty of proposer of a new member to ensure that this induction occurs.
  • All members need to familiarise themselves with the lodge start up and shut down procedures and to learn how to check the water tank levels and be able to transfer the water pump to another tank if needed. It is the duty of the proposer of a new member to ensure that this training occurs.
  • Members must be prepared to collect any food or provisions that the Booking officer or Hut leader may request them to collect.
  • As the lodge is totally dependant on rainwater for its water supply please conserve water at all times. Shower times should be minimized and do not shower at the end of the day when vacating the lodge.
  • Any keys provided shall be returned to the booking officer promptly.
  • At least 7** days notice is required for cancellations otherwise NO refund.
  • Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by mail, fax or e mail to the booking officer. Any request for a refund has to be made in writing (e mail and fax acceptable) to the committee. The committee makes the final decision and if approved may deduct a fee to cover costs.
    ** 21 days notice is required for school holiday cancellations.
  • The booking officer’s decision on bookings is final.
  • Any complaints about bookings are to be made in writing to the committee.
  • Members are expected to take part in at least one official workparty per year to assist with the maintenance of the lodge. Members are credited with one night’s free accommodation for each weekend workparty that they attend. Those members who are unable to attend an annual workparty are expected to make a financial donation to the club’s funds.
  • Members under 18 are not permitted to stay at the lodge unless accompanied by a Senior member who accepts responsibility for them.
  • All members must leave the lodge in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Report any damage to the committee.
  • Failure to obey the club rules may result in the committee taking disciplinary action against the member concerned. Serious offences will result in termination of membership.

Hut Leader Instructions

  • Hut Leaders are appointed by the Booking Officer and committee to look after the lodge.
  • All club members and visitors to the lodge are expected to co-operate with the Hut Leader in carrying out his or her duties.
  • If there is a lack of co-operation the Hut Leader is expected to report this to the committee which may consider disciplinary action such as withdrawal of a member’s right to use the Lodge, or in a serious case, termination of membership.

The Hut Leader’s general responsibilities are:-

  • Checking that those staying at the Lodge are on the list provided by the Booking Officer.
  • Supervising the use of the Club’s supplies of food to avoid waste.
  • Supervising the use of firewood, power, and water to avoid waste.
  • Supervising the careful use of the building and Club’s equipment.
  • Reporting damage and wants of repair to the committee.
  • Allocating bunks if necessary.
  • Maintaining harmony amongst people staying at the lodge.

The specific duties of the Hut Leader are:-

  • Check incoming people with the Booking Officer’s list.
  • Allocate Lodge duties daily.
  • Organise the collection of any food orders from the RAL store at the Top of the Bruce
  • Bring out food required and keep storeroom locked.
  • Take stock of food and notify the Catering Officer before handing over to the next Leader.
  • Check that the Fire alarm is working.
  • Stress fire danger and remind members when they are together at breakfast or dinner to use the drying room and not bedroom heaters for drying clothes.
  • Switch off bedroom heaters at the main each morning, and on again each evening.
  • Ensure that last person to bed checks that the building is secure and electrical appliances are off.
  • Ensure the outside door of the ski room is locked at ALL times.
  • Ensure that water system is operative and check that water tanks are full. If you are required to change tanks, remove power plug from pump, unscrew hose coupling, then lift out submersible pump. Take the pump to a full tank, hook up pump and connect water hose and power. Make sure that the directional valve is open and the other two valves are closed.
  • If no members are staying on, ensure water system is emptied, doors and windows are locked, power is off,
    food and rubbish is removed and keys returned to the Booking Officer.
  • Any member can expect to be asked to take on the duties of Hut Leader.
    Make yourself familiar with these duties so that you can take over when requested. 

IF List

  • If you see the entrance door open close it.
  • If you use the drying room leave the dehumidifier in the open and close the door.
  • If you are vacating your bunkroom turn off the heater close the window and turn off the light.
  • If you are given a duty please ensure it is carried out.
  • If you are leaving the lodge maybe you do not need to shower.
  • If water is in short supply conserve wisely.
  • If you do not intend to use food leftovers please dispose of them.
  • If you are vacating the lodge please ensure you have all your belongings.
  • If you are planning to store equipment in the battery room don’t. It will be removed.
  • If you find a defect, that you cannot easily repair, advise the committee.
    If you have a suggestion to improve the lodge life, notify the committee.